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"Whimsical Artistry Redefining Boundaries and Imagination."

"Dive into the realm of Rosie's fine art, a mesmerizing tapestry woven from dreams and colors. With a palette that dances between ethereal pastels and vibrant strokes, Rosie's creations evoke emotions and stories that resonate deeply

_Behide the mask_ mixed media on paper 60 x 42cm .jpg


"Threaded Elegance: Rosie's Embroidery Odyssey with Fashion Icons"

Fashion as Art: Rosie's Threaded Masterpieces Illuminate the Runway, Including Paris and London's Finest."

“Under the Sea” Collaboration with Piers Atkinson and Royal Elephant family trust Victoria


"From Threads to Canvas: The Fine Art Evolution of Rosie's Captivating Vision"

Owning an illustration from Rosie is an opportunity to possess a piece of art that transcends boundaries and captures the essence of imagination

_Peacock Lady_ Etching print 24 x22cm_.jpg


Explore and Collect Rosie's Artistry in Our Shop"

Rosie's exclusive online shop, where the magic of her artistry is available for you to own and cherish

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