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Rosie is a multifaceted artist whose creative journey has taken her through diverse mediums and collaborations. With bases in Ibiza, Madrid, and London, she has developed a signature style that blends character, playfulness, and sensuality, often portraying otherworldly and ghostly figures reminiscent of fairy tales. She employs a variety of techniques, including painting with mixed media, acrylics, and pastels. However, her uniqueness shines through her innovative freehand and sewing machine embroidery, which spans from intricate repeat patterns inspired by vegetables to elaborate designs like dancing dragons on tulle for hats.

One of Rosie's significant career highlights involves collaborations in the world of fashion. Her distinctive style has led her to work alongside fashion designer Piers Atkinson, contributing to collections and participating in various Fashion Weeks globally. During this period, she established herself as the house embroiderer and illustrator in Piers Atkinson's studio. This collaboration allowed her to bring her artistic flair to the world of fashion, creating pieces that truly stand out.

Additionally, Rosie's artistic journey intertwined with that of the renowned artist Andrew Logan. They collaborated in his London studio, known as "The Glass House." Together, they worked on projects like the "Alternative Miss World" event held at The Shakespeare's Globe Theatre. In this capacity, Rosie contributed to the creation of costumes and set designs, showcasing her versatile skills and ability to bring fantastical visions to life.

While Rosie has worked collaboratively with numerous fashion designers and artists, she has also undertaken personalized art projects for pop stars and Hollywood celebrities. Her artistry has found its way into prestigious venues such as the Victoria & Albert Museum and The British Library in London, as well as the La Tabacalera in Madrid, through exhibitions that have showcased her diverse talents.

In her current phase, Rosie has established her own studio in Madrid, where she operates as a freelance artist. Focusing on her painting practice and more recent forays into sculpture, she has evolved into a fine artist. Her works continue to be featured in various galleries, predominantly in Madrid and London, as she maintains her presence in the art world through exhibitions that highlight her evolving artistic journey.

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